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About Auturgy

The word auturgy has become long-forgotten in the English language — a term that means "self-action, or independent activity". For a number of years I have operated under the pseudonym Michael Miles, but as of late I have had a stirring within me to start over, to do something fresh and a bit bigger than I've ever set out to do before.

AUTURGY is a musical project that I've put together for self-expression, both creating covers of artists that have long been influential in my music, as well as writing and recording some brand new originals and leaving the old ones behind. When you hear my music, you'll hear clear rock tones, larger-than-life etherial soundscapes, a driving rhythm section, and vocals with a vast spectrum of intensity and color. At this time you won't see or hear the presence of any additional band members, but from time to time I will likely bring in some guest musicians to sit in with me and make some music together. Their presence will be duly noted with their credits and appearances in the YouTube videos.

The format is pretty simple, really. I create music and videos of every song that's created, post them on YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and all the other social media outlets linked to on my site. If you like what you hear, all I ask is that you share it with your friends. If you really like it, please either buy my music or become a Patron and support me with a buck per song/video released.

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